What is Body Jet Lipo

Body Jet Lipo is an innovative water-assisted liposuction technique (WAL). Body Jet Lipo uses a thin, fan-shaped water jet channeled into the fatty tissue. The fat is then easily released and extracted. The suction device, called the cannula, removes the fat simultaneously as opposed to more traditional forms of liposuction. The Body Jet fluid carries an analgestic for pain and a vasoconstrictor to minimize bleeding.

Body Jet results in a very effective fat removal technique without the trauma associated with traditional liposuction. Body Jet patients typically report returning to their normal, everyday activities within a few days as opposed to much longer for traditional liposuction. Body Jet results are excellent and allow for a greater assessment of contour and fat removal during the procedure.

Other advantages of Body Jet Lipo include:

The body-jet® offers significant advantages for physicians and patients.


  • Spares surrounding tissue
  • Minimizes trauma for patient
  • No general anesthesia required
  • Minimizes bleeding, bruising and swelling
  • Minimizes patient risk
  • Minimizes exposure to tumescent fluid


  • 70% less TLA infiltration fluid needed
  • No bloating -- ¬†gives excellent intra-operative view for precise real-time contouring
  • Low correction rate


  • Shorter procedure
  • Easy fat removal
  • Gentle removal helps protect fat for subsequent autologous fat transfer
  • Minimal patient discomfort
  • Fast patient recovery

body-jet® System

The body-jet® system includes:

  • Sterile applicator systems (disposable)
  • Infiltration cannulas (able to re-sterilize)
  • Irrigation and aspiration cannulas (able to re-sterilize)
  • Suction bags (3 liter, disposable)

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